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Traditional Dalmatian dish: Soparnik

This simple yet delicious dish, traditional for Dalmatian households, is prepared from simple ingredients which in the past were easily obtained by all in the Poljice  Republic, from where it originates; flour, Swiss chard, red onion, olive oil and garlic. Once commonly known as a dish of the poor that was prepared in the period of fasting, today it is offered to guests only on special occasions. With time we have become aware that this old recipe is not only appreciated as a delicious meal but also has special value as a gastronomic heritage and has been listed as a protected non-material cultural good, together with Slavonian Kulen and several other specialties from our country.

Originally, Soparnik is made in a traditional fireplace under hot coal The preparation of the fireplace is extremely important for the successful outcome of  this meal, so it takes skillful cooks up to 2 hours only to prepare the fire. When it is cooked, Soparnik needs to be sprinkled with a little bit of olive oil and finely chopped garlic.
For everyone interested in traditional Croatian gastronomy, attending the Festival of Soparnik  in Dalmatia,in July would definitely be a memorable experience.
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